Prosper is developing live-in robot butlers to make home life seamless, with lots of tiny sparkles of joy. Our robots will cook healthy delicious food for you, keep your home always clean, and do nice things like set a bath with candles every Friday evening.

The robots are partly automated and partly remote controlled. Because they're partly remote controlled, we take consumer safety, consumer privacy, and operator work conditions very seriously.

Our technology could work in businesses, not just homes. If we sell to businesses, people would directly lose their jobs as a result. The right thing to do would be to offer a large cash bonus to redundant employees: ideally, the bonus is so large that the employee would be happier that they lost their job! It might also make sense to offer a stream of income instead of a single cash bonus. If 1 robot sold meant 1 job lost, and the robots were cheaper than hiring someone, we couldn't afford to do this. That's why we are starting with robot butlers, where more jobs are created than lost. Robot butlers grow the market of butlers: many more people would be able to afford a robot butler than a human butler.

If you're interested: please get in touch! We're hiring. Reach out on Twitter or by email :)

P.S: we made a cute game set in a world with teleoperated robots, check it out!