Imagine you had a robot helper that cooks your breakfast, makes your bed, and washes your clothes. That is AlfieProsper’s first product.

Alfie ships in 2025.

Designed by the Pixar illustrator behind Ratatouille, Cars, and Kung Fu Panda. No terminator vibes :)

We invented custom hardware that costs less and performs better at a wide range of complicated tasks. After piloting early prototypes in real homes, offices, and warehouses (video of an old prototype), we moved to Shenzhen for two months to build a manufacturing supply chain. We embraced Sutton’s Bitter Lesson for autonomy by initially having partial teleoperation alongside thoughtful privacy controls.

We kept the team small. We are primarily self-funded, alongside support from investors including Alexandr Wang (Scale), Simon Last (Notion), Ben Mann (Anthropic), and Debo Olaosebikan (Kepler).

We would like to make robots a good thing for the maximal number of people. As part of that, we are setting up a foundation to counter the negative effects of job displacement. The foundation will be seeded with the majority of the company’s founding equity. We will be sharing additional details as they become available.